Road Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator

Optimizing Your Tire Pressure for Your Weight: A recent article by Ann Heine in Bicylce Quarterly discussed the need for optimum tire inflation. The article starts off by saying "Inflating your tires to achieve 15% tire drop will optimize your bicycle's performance, comfort and handling."

The calculator on this page produces the same PSI measurements as the chart. Hope you like it.

Frank Berto Tire Inflation Chart
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Rider Weight:
Bike Weight:
Tire Width: 20

Front PSI:

Rear PSI:

Credits to Ann Heine and Frank Berto for the commentary and science behind this topic.
Thanks to Steve Wagner for alerting us about the need to keep our tires inflated. Who knew?
Thanks also to my high school math teacher for showing me how to solve multiple simulataneous equations.
Thanks to for the Javascript tutorials.
Update June 28 2013