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This web site is dedicated to Arroyo Seco, "The Indians" and to the trail through Los Padres National Forest that links the two. These areas form part of the Ventana Wilderness.

A 360 degree panoramic view of the valley near the Indians Forest Service station. [See original Image: 1.4 meg]

A view of the Arroyo Seco river from the start of the dirt-road in the camp grounds. [See original Image: 4.8meg]

        Los Padres looking south from the Arroyo Seco road, approx 8 miles into the forest from the Arroyo Seco campground. Elevation was about 2,800 feet at this point. [See original Image: 1.4meg]

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Duration: 2' 30""

New: Full screen virtual images of the The Arroyo Seco-Indians Road by Don Bain.

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Forest Station Sign at the Indians.
Mountain Bike at the mid point next to the rock slide
Joe Explorer
Flowering giant cactus
Mark at the sign to the Indians - 6 miles in
The road through Hanging Valley - 12 miles in
Mark racing home

Vital Stats of the Ride [May 27 2006]
Total Ride Time: 4 hrs 18 min
Total Elapsed Time: 6 hrs 35 mins
Average Speed: 7.9 mph
Total distance34.3 miles
Altitude gain: 4,350'
Highest Point: 2,950' above sea level
Maximum Speed: 30.7 mph
Ride Notes:
  1. "Total Elapsed Time" is the door-to-door round trip time.
  2. "Total Ride Time" measures the time during which bike was in motion (front wheel rotating).
  3. The total distance of 34.3 miles is a little short of the road signs which display the distance as 18 miles each way, 36 miles round trip.
  4. The average time of 7.9 mph is surprising low - and the top speed is surprisingly high. But it all adds up!
  5. Bikes: Specialized Epic/Disk (from Flume Trail Bikes) and Specialized Stumpjumper

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